Aobosi EA45: a gigantic cooler and unlimited cold

Aobosi EA45: a gigantic cooler and unlimited cold

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When it comes to going on an adventure, whether in a van or for a day outdoors, the puzzle remains the same: how to pack enough cool drinks and food?

The solution ? The Aobosi EA45 cooler, a technological gem that combines gigantic capacity and cooling efficiency.

The Aobosi EA45 cooler stands out for its 45 liter capacity, its robustness, its elegant design and its advanced features such as its LED control screen and the possibility of connecting via a mobile application.

Strong points :

  • Large capacity and robustness
  • futuristic design
  • practical control screen,
  • wheels for easy movement
  • silence

Weak points :

  • I don't use the mobile app because the control panel is very efficient.

With its dimensions of 73 x 39 x 44 cm and a capacity of 45 liters, this compression cooler is ideal for storing a large quantity of provisions.

Don't be intimidated by its size. Once you start using it, you will appreciate every inch of space offered, especially on long trips.

We take a closer look at this Aobosi cooler

Unboxing Experience

The arrival of the Aobosi EA45 cooler was a moment eagerly awaited.

Upon receiving the package, the first thing that struck me was its imposing size.

AOBOSI car fridge aobosi car fridge aobosi car fridge package

The cardboard, sturdy and well sealed, already promised a quality product.

Opening the box, I was greeted by neat packaging, with polystyrene protectors that held the cooler firmly in place.

Getting the cooler out of the cardboard was an adventure in itself. Weighing 14 kilograms, it's not excessively heavy, but its size and shape make it a little tricky.

I opted for a simple but effective technique: cutting the sides of the cardboard. For those considering unpacking on their own, I highly recommend this technique, although some extra help wouldn't go amiss.

portable fridge

Once freed from its packaging, the Aobosi EA45 cooler reveals itself:

Its black design with a slightly grainy texture gives it an appearance that is both elegant and robust. Standing proudly, it evokes a feeling of solidity and reliability.

The aesthetic aspect is not left out either – its modern and slightly futuristic look would fit perfectly into a high-tech environment.

It was as if she was saying to me, “I’m ready for adventure, are you?”


Ideal for equipping a van, a cabin, or for outdoor outings. Its capacity allows it to meet the needs of large families or groups of friends.

One of the main reasons I opted for the Aobosi EA45 cooler was its versatility.

When traveling in a van, it proved to be more than just a cooler; it's a true extension of the comforts of home on the road . Its generous size allows you to easily store provisions for several days.

Whether it is to keep vegetables fresh, drinks cold or even ice cream for children, it meets all these expectations without fail.

The top opening is particularly practical in the confined space of a van, allowing easy access without having to rearrange the entire space around it.

But its usefulness does not stop there. For outdoor events like barbecues or lakeside picnics, the Aobosi EA45 cooler turns into a real asset.

portable fridge power cord

With its two large, sturdy wheels, transporting it from the van to the picnic site is child's play, even on slightly uneven terrain.

Its large volume is perfect for storing everything needed to feed a group of hungry friends or a large family, eliminating the need for endless trips to the store.

Apart from these adventures, the cooler also finds its place in more everyday situations. When a refrigerator breaks down or additional storage space is needed at home, it becomes an ideal backup solution.

portable food storage

I was also surprised to note that after an evening, if it was not plugged in, it still kept a low temperature for a fairly long time, which is particularly appreciable.

Benefits :

Large capacity of 45 liters:

Perfect for storing enough supplies for long trips or large gatherings. Take advantage of this space to organize your food and drinks in a way that facilitates access and optimizes cold distribution.

car fridge


Its solid construction reassures about its durability. Don't hesitate to take it along on your outdoor adventures; it is designed to withstand the rigors of travel.

Futuristic design

With its modern look and grainy black texture, it is as pleasant to look at as it is to use. Its sleek finish makes it a stylish addition to your travel gear.

Convenient control screen:

Makes it easy to monitor and adjust temperatures.

temperature control panel

Familiarize yourself with the control screen before you leave, so you can quickly adjust the temperature to suit your needs.

Wheels for easy movement:

retrachable handle

Simplifies transport, even when the cooler is full. Personal tip: Test the ride on different terrains to adapt to its weight and handling.

Quiet operation:

A considerable advantage, especially at night when camping or in a van. Place it near your sleeping space without fear of disturbing noise.


Non-essential mobile app usage:

Although the app offers additional features, the manual control panel is often sufficient.

Try the app to see if it adds value to your experience, but don't feel like you have to use it constantly.

Weight when full:

Although the wheels make it easy to transport, the cooler can become quite heavy when full, especially if it contains large quantities of drinks.

If necessary, ask for help to lift it or remove it from your vehicle.

Why did I choose the Aobosi EA45 Cooler?

Perfect for long van trips or large gatherings, this cooler meets a crucial need: keeping large quantities of food and drinks cold for several days.

Its performance during extreme heat is a major asset.

The possibility of choosing between refrigeration and freezing, as well as its connected aspect (mobile application) make it particularly versatile.

Transport and Mobility: Thanks to its two large wheels, moving it, even when it is full, does not require herculean effort

  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Consumption: Economical
  • Freezer capacity: 45 Liters
  • Low noise, easy to carry
  • Dimensions: 73 x 39 x 44 cm; 14kg
  • Features: Refrigeration and freezing, mains or cigarette lighter connection, mobile application
  • Design: Black with a grainy texture, modern and suitable for all environments

Tips for Use and Recommendations

Over the course of my uses, I have accumulated a few tips that could prove useful for future users of the Aaobosi EA45 cooler. Here are my personal tips:

Space organization : With its large capacity of 45 liters, it is tempting to fill the cooler without thinking too much.

However, I have found that careful organization not only maximizes space but also maintains an even temperature.

Use dividers or containers to group similar items for easy access.

removable block

Pre-Cool : Before leaving on a trip, I pre-chill the cooler by plugging it in a few hours in advance. This helps maintain a lower temperature for longer, especially if you plan to unplug it for a while.

Choice of location : In a van or during a picnic, choose a shaded location for the cooler. Although the Aobosi EA45 is effective, minimizing direct exposure to sunlight prolongs its ability to keep food fresh.

Using the freezer function : If you choose to use the freezer function, remember that this uses a little more energy. Make sure your power source (whether mains or cigarette lighter) is suitable for this prolonged use.


The Aobosi EA45 cooler is a good choice for those looking for a reliable and spacious solution to keep their food and drinks cold.

Available on Amazon, it is a wise investment for a nomadic life or for large outdoor meetings.

frequently asked Questions

  • What are the exact dimensions of the Aobosi EA45 cooler?
    • Answer: The cooler measures 73 cm deep, 39 cm wide and 44 cm high.
  • How does the cooler behave in a van?
    • Answer: It is very practical in a van thanks to its top opening, allowing easy access in tight spaces.
  • How heavy is the EA45 cooler and is it easy to transport?
    • Answer: The cooler weighs 14 kg. Its two large wheels make it easy to transport, but be careful if it is full as it can become quite heavy.
  • Can the Aobosi EA45 cooler work from the mains as well as from a cigarette lighter?
    • Answer: Yes, it can be plugged into the mains (100-240V AC) or into a cigarette lighter (12/24V DC), which makes it very versatile.
  • Is it possible to set the Aobosi EA45 cooler so that it only cools or freezes?
    • Answer: Yes, it offers the possibility of choosing between refrigeration and freezing functions, with a temperature setting ranging from -20° to 20°C.
  • How does the mobile app work with the Aobosi EA45 cooler?
    • Answer: The mobile app, available for Android and iOS, allows remote temperature control and access to other features. However, its use is not essential thanks to the efficient manual control panel.
  • What is the storage capacity of the Aobosi EA45 cooler?
    • Answer: It has a capacity of 45 liters, which is ideal for storing large quantities of food and drinks.
  • Is the Aobosi EA45 cooler noisy?
    • Answer: No, it is surprisingly quiet, making it ideal for use in a van or campsite where silence is appreciated.
  • How does the LED control screen work on the Aobosi EA45 cooler?
    • Answer: The LED screen displays the current temperature and allows easy adjustment of cooling and freezing functions.