A Complete Review of the AAOBOSI Dual Zone Car Cooler in 2024

A Complete Review of the AAOBOSI Dual Zone Car Cooler in 2024

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You have come to the right place! We have been testing the AAOBOSI Dual Zone Car Cooler for the last four months. Our family travels extensively throughout the United States in our RV with our three kids. We look for the best destinations for RV travelers and the best RV products to have with you on your travels. 

In this article, we bring you a complete review of the AAOBOSI Dual Zone Car Cooler to help you decide if the dual-zone car cooler is something you should bring with you on your travels. We have used car coolers and freezers for a little while, and they are something you should look at. 

In this article, we describe everything we liked, everything we didn’t like, and everything else you would want to know about this car cooler. Continue reading for all the good information.

Notable Features of the AAOBOSI Dual Zone Car Cooler

Rapid Cooling Technology 

We are not going to get into all the technical details of the  AAOBOSI cooler’s rapid cooling technology because it won’t help you much. What will help you is that you know that the cooler cools really fast.

It cooled very fast for us when we were using it, so you should expect similar results. The cooler does get cold in about 15 to 30 minutes. 

You need to keep in mind the temperatures of the items you put into the cooler. The temperature of the cooler when you start will significantly affect how fast it cools. 

car fridge

If your cooler is 80 degrees before you put a bunch of food that is not cold in it, it is not going to be at refrigerator temperatures in 15 minutes. The cooler has to cool down the cooler and then cool all of the food that you added. 

It cools fast, but it cannot defy the laws of science in a magical fashion. The cooler cools great and super fast; what you put in the cooler and the starting temperature of the cooler play a factor in how fast it can cool. 

The cooler will cool between -4 degrees to 68 degrees F.

Dual Zone Areas 

AAOBOSI’s dual-zone cooler is great for those who want the best of both worlds. We really like having both available because we can store ice or ice cream in the freezer while still having our fridge items as well.

Something you should note is that the two spaces are not equal in size. It also means that your available space is situated differently. 

For example, if you only get a single zone cooler, your fridge area or freezer area, depending on how you situate the controls, will be larger than if you share some of the area with a dual zone cooler. 

car fridge

Three Power-Saving Levels 

The  AAOBOSI power saving levels are really nice to have if you are plugged into a 12V battery or power station. If you are plugged into your car for multiple days without driving your car, you will want to take advantage of these power-saving options.

You have low, medium, and high power-saving modes, also known as eco modes. 

If you set the cooler to eco mode, it will not cool as fast as max cool mode, but it will prevent your battery from being used as fast. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity 

The AAOBOSI cooler has a Wi-Fi app, which is a pretty cool feature. It allows you to check the temperatures and change them without being right next to the cooler, which has come in handy a few times. 

If you are using the cooler with a power station or battery, you can check to see if the cooler has shut off. When your battery gets low, the cooler will shut off automatically, and it has different settings that allow it to automatically shut off before the battery is completely dead or until the battery has run out. 

At times, we didn’t realize the battery had died, and the cooler was no longer cold. When you use the app, you can have a little bit more control over this and can change the power station or connect it to a different power source.

The app works for Android and IOS operating systems. 

What We Like About the Cooler

There are some things that we really like about the  AAOBOSI cooler that you might not consider before purchasing a cooler or while researching different cooler options. 

We like that the lids are latched closed. This is really helpful if you want to conserve energy or have ever used a cooler that gets full and the lid won’t stay down all the way. Not all of these types of coolers from other brands have a latched lid.

We like that there is a drain plug at the bottom. You might wonder why a cooler that does not require ice needs a drain plug at the bottom. It is just nice to have this as an option.

When you clean the cooler, sometimes we like to use the drain plug because this is a fridge you don’t want to be tipping it upside down. 

The lid can be removed. Removing the lid is again helpful when you need to clean the cooler. It makes it easy to dry out after cleaning.

The lids are also about to be switched in terms of the direction they open. This can be very convenient if you are in small spaces like a car or RV.

Our Best Uses for the AAOBOSI Dual Zone Car Cooler 

The more you use a car cooler, the more uses you will find for your cooler. We have used the cooler for short outings. When we travel, we add the cooler to the back of our truck or car and pack lunch into it. 

We have used the cooler to supplement the small fridge in our smaller RV. This is great because you don’t have to go get ice and you don’t have to deal with melted ice. 

The cooler is great to take to the beach if you are going to be there for a longer time period. We bring a power station and connect the cooler to it. This is nice because we can work and plug our computers, other electronics, and cooler into the power station.

You can use this cooler as your fridge if you are going to be car camping or traveling in a camper van. Camper vans and car camping typically have very little space for a fridge.

The AAOBOSI fridge is so portable that you can move it outside when you need more space. With all that extra space, you can store lots of food, which will save you a lot of money on eating out. 

When you are in small spaces, it is hard to keep enough food around and cold. Adding an extra fridge or cooler is such a great way to save some money.

FAQ: AAOBOSI Dual Zone Car Cooler 

What is a Refrigerator Car Cooler? 

A refrigerator car cooler is a cooler that works like a refrigerator and is portable just like a cooler. While old coolers use ice to keep food cold or frozen, a refrigerator car cooler uses power to run a small compressor, so you do not need to keep ice in it to keep food cold. 

How Does a Dual Zone Fridge Work? 

A dual zone fridge works just like your fridge and freezers you have at home. The dual zone fridge has a section of the cooler that is used as a freezer and a section of the cooler used as a fridge. You can control the two sections separately.

How Does a 12V Car Cooler Work? 

A 12v car cooler works by using your 12v car outlet, also known as your cigarette lighter outlet, to power a small AC compressor that is used to keep your cooler cold.
The cooler works just like your fridge at home, but it is far more portable and can be used with 12v applications or your typical 110-volt outlets. 

Is a Dual Zone Fridge Worth It? 

We have been very impressed with the dual-zone fridges we have used. Because of how great they function, we think they are worth it. They can be great for camping in an RV, tent camping, car camping, or keeping in your truck to take to the job site. 


How Long Can I Run a 12V Fridge on my Car? 

The length that you can run your 12V fridge on your car battery varies greatly depending on the size of your car battery, the settings that you have your fridge set to, the energy-saving options the 12V fridge provides, how much food is in the fridge, the temperature the fridge is set at, and the outside temperature all are factors in how long the fridge will run on your car battery. 

After taking all of those factors into consideration, you should expect your fridge to last anywhere from about 1 to 3 days. If you have a smaller battery, it will be on the low end. If you are using large or multiple batteries, like from a diesel truck, you can expect the duration to be longer. 

Will a 12V Fridge Drain My Car Battery? 

In short, the answer is yes. A 12v fridge will drain your battery. However, the majority of these fridges have safety shut-offs that will automatically shut off the fridge before your battery is too low that it will not start your car. 

If this is a concern, you should test the battery at home, or you should use a power station to power your 12v fridge. 

Can I Use a Car Fridge At Home? 

Yes, they work great at home and can be connected to your typical 120V outlet. We like to use them as a fridge for beverages when we are at home, but they can be used for much more than that. 

How Long Does a 12V Fridge Take to Cool? 

Each 12V fridge can be different, and there are many variables that can affect how fast it cools. In most cases, a 12V fridge will take 15 minutes to 2 hours to cool to operating temperatures. 

What Temperature Should My 12V Fridge Be Set At?

It is recommended to keep your 12v fridge between the temperatures of 35 and 38 degrees F. If you set your fridge below 35 degrees F, then there is a good chance the items at the bottom of the fridge will get too cold. If you want to save energy, 38 degrees F is the best setting. 

However, personal preferences do come into play when setting your 12V fridge temperatures. It is also important to take into consideration what you will have in your fridge. If you have drinks, we like to keep the temperature lower to keep the drinks super cold. 

If you are going to have produce in your fridge, it is important to keep the temperature at 38 degrees because when the compressor kicks on, it will typically make the temperature cooler in some parts of the fridge than the desired temperature. 

What is the Alternative to a Dual Zone Fridge?

An alternative to a dual-zone fridge would be a single-zone fridge, a mini fridge, or an ice chest.

Can I Run a Car Fridge Continuously While Driving? 

Yes, a car fridge works great continuously while you are driving. The best time to use a car fridge is while you are driving because the car’s alternator will keep your battery charged while you are using it to power your car fridge. 

Can I Use a Car Fridge With a Solar Panel?  

You cannot directly connect a car fridge to a solar panel. You must have the fridge connected to a battery source that is then charged by a solar panel.