AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer
AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer

AOBOSI 44 Quart Car Fridge Dual Zone 12 Volt Portable Freezer


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Key Features:

  • ♥【 Dual Zone & App Control Car Fridge】AOBOSI 12 volt refrigerator adopts latest dual-zone dual-control technology, which can independently control temperatures of two zones from 68℉ to -4℉. You can choose any zone independently as refrigerator or freezer to meet various needs. Our car refrigerator support Wi-Fi connection, App control. The app help you adjust the temperature of the refrigerator with phone while driving, no having to stop the car.
  • ♥【 Fast Cooling & Large Capacity 】 With compressor refrigeration technology, our car freezer could achieve 15 min fast cooling from 68℉ to 32℉(0°C) ; electric cooler takes about 60 min to reach its lowest temperature of -4°F. This car cooler can hold 54 cans of Coke, 29 bottles of water or 16 bottles of red wine, which allows you to enjoy cold drinks and fresh food during the trip, money and space-saving.
  • ♥ 【 Low Noise & Anti-Shaking 】12v cooler low noise of 45db designed, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for you when the car freezer is working. Portable freezer equipped with a multi-functional non-slip base that helps to reduce lateral displacement and prevent shaking during use. When your car is climbing at an inclination angle of 30 degrees, this car freezer can still run stably.
  • ♥【 Energy Saving & High Quality Compressor12 volt freezer adopts advanced 3D refrigeration technology and is equipped with a powerful compressor for fast cooling. Which consumes very low energy. You could choose ECO mode for energy-saving or MAX mode for fast cooling. Our RV refrigerator includes three power-saving levels: low, medium, and high. These modes reduce power consumption to the desired level, maximizing the car's battery life. Its USB port allows you to conveniently charge your phone.
  • ♥ 【 Warranty for your rights】3 Years warranty on compressor, 1-Year warranty on all other parts and Quality technical support. Car cooler 12v equipped with 100/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, which can be used at home or on various vehicles. If you have any questions about the product, please REACH OUT TO our before returning it, as we provide hassle-free after-sale service.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Niels Huerta Apaza
good one

am a truck driver, and this work good for storage food, frezer and fridge, this is better than the one come with the truck ..

Mark A. Witte
Excellent performance for outstanding price

We bought this for taking things that need cooling or freezing on long trips. I cannot say enough good about how well it keeps things frozen (-4 degrees F) and I am delighted that we can choose either (or both) sides to be the freezer. Love that it keeps running for a good long while when we stop for gas along the way. Some complain that it is noisy - it’s really unnoticeable when on the road (mostly highways for us). I was concerned not to make a bad purchase decision, but I can assure you that it was a good solution for us.

My new favorite appliance

Purchased this unit because of the dual zone and being it has two separate reversible doors. Saves energy. I initially powered using AC and was able to cool both zones to zero in less than an hour. 12V in eco mode on average was around 25 watts. Nice display which also shows current battery voltage. Selectable battery protection in case your plugged directly to your vehicle. USB port works great and is actually very handy. You can run either zone the way you want which is extremely nice! Great fridge!

Great customer service

I purchased the car refrigerator and when I received it to my surprise the unit would not cool at all. I reached out to customer service and they were very willing to help. They sent a video to help me troubleshoot but it did not resolve the issue. A representative named Tina tried a few other things and it did not work. So she talk with someone and they sent me another unit and it worked perfectly. There is a time zone difference between us but even with that the communication was great. The customer service was amazing. Thanks Tina for all your help.

Kina H.
Awesome 12V Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer!

it has independent reversible dual zone doors. This is a great feature, because if you only need to open the fridge door, you're not letting cold air escape from the freezer. Therefore, you'll save a little bit of energy (which can be a lot if you're like me who will be using it on an off grid solar battery pack.) To save you time, let me list what I like/don't like below:
1. Very quiet compressor
2. Very energy efficient. **On Eco mode** it only took about 45 minutes from room temperature of 70F to 35F on both the fridge side and -4F on freezer side. Once it reached set temp, it ran 6 minutes and 40 seconds between 26-35 watts. On idle, it sits at about 1.3 watts! Idle time was about 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Mind you, this was tested empty. Idle time might be significantly increased if I had food in the fridge/freezer to better retain temperature.
3. Designed square and flat. No wheels or handles - in my opinion is better, because space saving.
4. Color is great - very neutral and not all wild crazy designs.
5. The baskets are awesome for when you need to clean out the fridge/freezer walls. You just lift them out with the food.
6. The display is great. Buttons are easy to navigate through.
7. No need for wifi or Bluetooth connectivity to operate the temperature settings. You can manually set with push of buttons **Read the manual**
8. Reversible doors! I love this option because it doesn't limit where I can put it. For example, if you have an electrical socket on the left hand side and your electrical cord can't reach, just turn the fridge around and reverse the doors.

1. **Unrelated to product quality***Mailman left package out front door on it's side in full sun. There was no notification of delivery so it was sitting outside for 7 hours.