Double Induction Cooktop
Double Induction Cooktop compatible magnetic induction cookware
Double Induction Cooktop 10 temp level setting
Double Induction Cooktop 4h timer function
Double Induction Cooktop easy to perate
Double Induction Cooktop power sharing feature
Aaobosi 1800W double induction cooktop dimensions

Aobosi Electric Double Induction Cooktop With 2 With Magnetic Cookware


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double induction cootop features

Fast heating and up to 75% less energy consumption than conventional cookers.

1. Dual Cooking Zones:

The electric induction cooktop has two cooking zones and is independently controlled by two systems. Left burner: 9 power levels, from 200-1800w, 10 temperature range: from 140℉-464℉. Right burner: 8 power levels:from 200-1600w, 10 temperature range, from 140℉-464℉. 

2. Sensitive Touch Buttons

Aobosi Countertop Burners features touch screen control can quickly choose your desired power from 200 watts to 1800, 200 watts to 1600 watts in 200 watts increments and also can 10 temperature ranges. You can press a button to switch temp and power function easily. Sensitive touch buttons for enhanced usability.

3. Energy efficient

The 1800W induction hob cooks food by using electromagnetic induction heating, so no heat is lost between the cooking surface and the pot, which makes it highly energy and efficient.

4. Safety system

Automatic pot detection and overheating protection. Makes it safer than a gas stove. It also has a kid's safety lock to avoid children or misuse.

5. Adjustable Temperature

With light and sensitive touch panel, you can adjust the temperature of the two hot plates independently between 140℉ to 464℉ easily.

6. Adjustable Time

The cooktop can set the 4-hour digital timer to turn the hot plate off once cooking has finished. It will switch to level 10 power mode and the timer will automatically set to 10 minutes. The time can be adjusted from 1 minute to 240 minutes.

7. Portable and Slim Design

The outstanding design makes the portable induction hob not only suitable for cooking in your kitchen, but is also portable, which makes it suitable for parties and holidays etc. Perfect for home, camping and company.

8. Easy for Clean

The hot plate's surface is made of black polished crystal glass, is easy to clean and can withstand long term use. The surface ensures excellent wear resistance and easy cleaning. Simply wipe the machine with a clean and damp cloth when cool.


The electric stove burner is compatible with magnetic cookware such as cast iron, enameled steel or magnetic stainless steel.


magnetic test

Not all cookware is compatible with induction hobs. The "Magnet Test" can help you know if your cookware can be used with our induction cooker. Place a small kitchen magnet on the cookware bottom. If the magnet holds, it is compatible.

suitable for cookware


Model  FS-IRC108-1800
Operation Method Sensor Touch
Output Power 1800w
Temperature Range 140℉-464℉
Timer Up to 240 Minutes
Lock Function Yes
Voltage AC 120V~60Hz
Size (W*H*D) 22.8 x 13.8 x 2.5 inch
Item Weight 12.82 pounds
Heating Elements 2
Warranty 1 Year

Download PDF Manual>>

Package content

  • Induction hob
  • Operating instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fast Heating!

My first induction cooktop. I was surprised at how fast it heated up. I boiled a pan full of water uncovered just as a test. It took less than 2 minutes to start boiling! I am impressed and plan to use this for two asian hot pots at a time.

Emily Lam
Great for the Price!

Finally had a chance to try it. I bought this to use in the yard when I want to deep fry or pan fry anything to prevent oil splashing all over my kitchen. I’m just loving it and how I stop the entire house from the strong smell of heavy cooking. Should’ve bought it sooner!

Jordania Jones
Lifesaver on Thanksgiving

This definitely came in handy on thanksgiving when we needed extra cooking space. It was able to keep extra pots warm when we needed extra space, but it also gets pretty hot when you need to cook as well. This would be the perfect small space cooking tip for when you need to cook something fast. It is pretty good quality for an induction cooker. It gets warm pretty fast as well.

Manuel Sanchez
Worked Great

The Induction cooktop works great! We paired it with some iron pans and I was surprised how quickly they heated up and kept an even temperature. I got these to have an extra set of burners while I make other food on the stove, but thinking about it this would be great to take on a camping trip or even to cook outside. Very portable, easy to clean, and get to temperature quickly. I would get again!!

Very good product

The cook top is larger then I thought, but works out fine. Used it to cook dinner that night. It is different than a gas or electric stove. It puts out a lot of heat. I cooked on 800w and it worked fine. Complete dinner done under 20 mins.(cooktop was hooked up to a solar generator used very little electric.) The auto lock is great and I like the on/off button. I looked at another brand to compare it and was happy I got this one. At the price this is a good buy. One thing to say is Read The Manual.