Aobosi Induction Hob Portable with Two Zones

Aobosi Induction Hob Portable with Two Zones

From: by thecuisineofthehear

Aobosi induction hob, I'm about to talk to you about and very good.

Since I'm having a great time with it, my sister decided to get a similar one, she actually wanted the same one.

So I thought I'd review it to give you more choices if you ever need it.

Package contents:

package of induction hob

The only induction hob with practical instruction booklet.

Material quality of the Aobosi induction hob

portable hob control

Touch sensor, digital control panel with LED display allows you to easily select the desired mode.

High-quality glass-ceramic panel, the ceramic plate is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, elegant and very easy to clean.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Suitable for pots with bottom sizes (12cm-26cm),
  • dimensions: 270x310x64mm,
  • net weight: 2.05kg,
  • voltage: 220V-240V.
  • Power cable of approximately 1 meter and 40 cm

 Experience of using the Aobosi induction hob

Built with quality materials.

The Aobosi induction hob is light, therefore easy to transport, from the first use you understand that it is a product of excellent workmanship.

I find it very convenient compared to gas hobs in traditional kitchens, already think about cleaning, just one wipe with a damp cloth is enough.

Furthermore, I have already told you about induction hobs and the pros and cons, the water boils in less than 3 minutes, this is already one of the reasons why I love induction.

I can't quantify the energy savings but at least the heat source remains concentrated at the bottom of the pan, without dispersion.

 The controls are easy to use and intuitive.

temperature control

The Aobosi induction hob, in fact, is equipped with a soft touch control panel with which we can set the temperature from 60 degrees to 240 degrees, each zone is independent, it has the keep warm function, with which it keeps our foods at a constant temperature of 80 degrees.

And also, it has the ability to set the timer, which is 4 hours.

The fan has an acceptable noise.

induction hob back

Another great thing is that it's portable, just connect the cable and you can take it anywhere!

Furthermore, you can set both 10 power levels but also 10 temperature ranges, which I find super useful.

My conclusions _ Value for money and where to find the Aobosi induction hob

Having an open space kitchen and dining room, I needed an induction hob with two burners that I could place on the terrace without difficulty if necessary, especially for cooking fried foods and/or foods such as meat or fish that give off annoying odors during cooking.
The plate is well-made with a rather simple and cute design.

The Aobosi induction hob is a functional and easy-to-use product that manages to cook food evenly while maintaining a constant temperature. Furthermore, considering its compact dimensions, it is very easy to transport and/or move according to needs.

The value for money is superb, at the moment you can find it on the website. 

I hope the review is useful for your future purchases.