Aobosi Double Induction Hob Review

Aobosi Double Induction Hob Review

From: Written by Lorenzo Ricciutelli

Here is the review of the Aobosi double induction plate, model FS- IRC108-PL2.


  • 1 Design, size and comfort
  • 2 Performance and controls
  • 3 How much does it cost?
  • 4 Final considerations

Design, size and comfort

After unboxing and removing the Aobosi induction hob from the packaging - containing a lot of plastic - I realized that I had a good quality and meticulously made device in my hands.

The design is simple and just as you imagine a double portable induction plate : a black rectangle in which pots and pans (compatible with induction) are placed and on the front a series of controls to manage the power and the various functions of the 'appliance.

The dimensions are: 57 cm long, 35 cm deep and 6 cm high ; while the overall weight is 5.20 kg. A single person can easily move the device from a container to a table, use it, clean it and put it away.

The color is glossy black on each upper side, but unfortunately it retains fingerprints a lot, but this is a minor problem given that it should be washed after each use and this is done in a super quick and convenient way.

Performance and Controls

induction hob

On the front part of the induction hob, in addition to the Aobosi logo in the center, there are all the controls and buttons necessary for the correct functioning of each individual hob.

At the center of each plate there is a small LED display which shows any errors (such as: pan not compatible, pan not present on the plate) as well as the cooking temperature. On the left there are three buttons:

  • Max : Button that activates maximum cooking performance (2000W at 240°C)
  • Min : Button that activates the minimum cooking performance (500W at 60°C)
  • Keep Warm : "Keep warm" button at 80° for a maximum of 2 hours.

On the right there is the on and off button, as well as a button that regulates the "functions": W, °C or T (time) .

As for other functions, safety locks are available (useful both for children and for any accidental touches on the temperature regulation) and a mode that automatically stops the device after 4 hours of use.

I used the plate to cook a risotto, and I must admit that the experience was super positive (even if I'm a bit of a fan of induction hobs). It is much more practical and convenient to clean than a gas hob.

induction hob
In use for a risotto!

These models have their own field of application: first of all they are portable and therefore can be transported extremely easily even on a camping trip or a picnic (perhaps with the use of a portable power station ).

They can be used on a balcony or terrace (respecting condominium rules) or at home to save on gas or to prepare some recipes in less time.

How Much Does it Cost?

The full price is around $169.99, but by monitoring the page you can very often find discounts, offers and coupons.

Final thoughts

The review of the Aobosi double induction hob ends here. This is a good device sold at a good price.

It can be a valid ally in the kitchen or outdoors. Too bad for the minimum temperature of 60°C (instead of 40°C or even better 30°C). It can probably also be purchased for those who plan to use it long term, replacing the classic stove.

The warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase and is provided by Aobosi customer service.