aobosi Smoke Free Charcoal Barbecue Table Grill Charcoal BBQ Grill with Ventilation and Bag 35 x 35 x 23.5 cm Black

    • Portable grill - , so you can with its compact size and light weight design anywhere portable and easy to carry.
    • Save time and money: The Aobosi Charcoal Grill has a built in battery operated fan, you can trim the amount of air in the oven due to the regulation of the switch from the fan, therefore an advancement on burning process. Also Place save time and energy, as the heat that is frying and nothing cooking directly from the oven on the grill
    • Easy to install and to use: The Charcoal Grill can be used by any easily, even without Charcoal Barbecue. The mounting only takes a few minutes, and each piece is dishwasher safe, so that you will not worry about about the assembly.
    • Smoke Free - The unique structure of the portable table grill from Aobosi prevents fat in the charcoal will get in. Removes the smoke reduced to a minimum and produce virtually smokeless.
    • Easy to clean. Cleaning is simple, because it is with high temperature rust protection built-in. It also comes with smoke-free designed Holzkohlegrill with dishwasher safe

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